Timber Tina

Proprietress -
The Great Maine Lumberjack Show & World Champion Lumberjills – Chics with Axes

I have been involved in logging sports all of my life… I grew up in Hayward, Wisconsin, the Home of the Lumberjack World Championships and I started log rolling at the tender age of 7 years old!  Every summer my siblings and I would spend our summer days Log Rolling and as we grew older we became interested in the Chopping, Sawing, Ax Throwing & Speed Climbing, my family eventually started SCHEER’S LUMBERJACK SHOW, a permanent Lumberjack Show site, which we also took ‘on the road’. 

I worked for 15 years with my family as a performer before I ‘branched’ off on my own in 1996 to start THE GREAT MAINE LUMBERJACK SHOW, a permanent based logging sports exhibition/facility serving Acadia National Park’s tourist area near in Trenton, Maine.  My Lumberjack team performs here from mid-June through Columbus Day.  I chose Maine as the place to start my Lumberjack Show because it’s important History with Logging in America as well as the life style of the people & the land!