Ethan Levesque

CEO of Northern Oak Media / Video Production Specialist / Marketing Strategist / Influencer
Northern Oak Media

Born and Raised in Jackman, Maine, Ethan fell in love with storytelling in all of its forms but quickly identified video as his passion. In the early days of Youtube, Ethan experimented with the platform by creating nearly 200 videos. He then advanced and personified his film and video skill set while achieving his BA in Communications from The New England School of Communications. Since graduating, Ethan has become a visual marketing powerhouse through his work as a video specialist for Sutherland Weston Marketing Communications, CEO of his own video production company, Northern Oak Media, Host of his podcast, The Boondocks Perspective, and Influencer to a million followers on TikTok.

Today, Ethan devotes his passion to telling the stories he most wants to tell, energizes the dreams of others by sharing his knowledge, and spends his free time outside with his family and friends, ice fishing, camping, golfing, and laughing.